Garden Pests The Natural Way

Garden Pests The Natural Way

August 28, 2018 Off By Roberta Green

I want to try beneficial nematodes this year, we get terrible flea beetles every year and I have never found a reliable organic way of controlling them.

We’ve used Sluggo with some success. And horse manure is supposed to be good if you have a horse farm near you. But if not, you can actually get horse manure products on Amazon that would be worth a try. Often when we test a product, we’ll place it in just one area to see how it does and if we notice improvement in that area, we’ll know it’s worth investing in for the rest.

Also Ducks and chickens are how I control my garden pests. In most cases I have to have cages around the plants to keep the ducks and the chickens from eating them but they do control earwigs, sow bugs, slugs, snails, etc

Some may consider using rubbing alcohol natural but it isn’t.