Tenvis HD IP Camera

March 22, 2020 Off By Roberta Green

True color picture all the time

Sooner or later you realize that installing a camera for home security reasons is a smart move. But you don’t feel like laying cables and wires? This is where wireless IP camera comes in.

Tenvis is a company which can provide you with high technology home solutions for securing your home. You can monitor everything that is going on in and around your home with IP cameras installed.

If you also have a smart phone, you can install a special app, which allows you to monitor what is going on with your baby, pet or surrounding area of your home everywhere you go anytime you want.

Different types of indoor cameras

Tenvis is a worldwide known brand and beside ip security cameras they are producing many other products. They are offering different types of indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, high definition h.264 cameras, mega network cameras for those with a lot of area to cover and also p2p network cameras.

When you are outside and unable to check what is going on with your home, home surveillance is probably the best and most simple way to assure yourself, what is going on at your place.

If you are afraid of visits from burglars while you are enjoying your vacation and you are away from home for a long time, set up a few Tenvis IP cameras and you can check the situation at any time.

Secure your home
Real time observation

All of areas in your home can now be observed real time on your smart phone or laptop thanks to so many advancements in technology. You are provided with a high quality video stream at all times from wireless security cameras.

Before installing any cameras in your home, you need to select the most strategic spots. These are spots, from where one camera can cover as much area as possible.

It is recommended to install multiple cameras indoor and outdoor also facing different directions for the best coverage and protection. Tenvis IP cameras are small enough, so you can place them in such spots, where they are not noticed right away.

TENVIS IP camera Wi-Fi setting
Make your cameras invisible

It is very important to make your cameras invisible, because if a potential thief spots them, he or she will do anything to disable the cameras, before breaking and entering and you will be left in the dark.

Tenvis IP cameras have a build in digital compression in addition to the obvious function of image capturing. There is also a controller along with a WEB operation system that makes sure the video is compressed and encrypted.

After the process in completed, all the data is transfered to the end user via local network or internet. All cameras can connect directly to a TCP / IP protocol based network.

Simple to connect

The video and also audio recorder by this camera is transfered over the internet or a local network to the end users device such as a personal computer, tablet or a smart phone.

The system provided with Tenvis IP camera is advanced and it is able to transmit image in real time over the existing networks. Less of a front end device is required and it is very simple to connect the device and set it up.

All the systems from Tenvis are highly reliable. Operating system are aprt of the main equipment for real time image transmission which is achieved over an integrated network.

Everything that is installed and connected to this security system is easily controlled with the back end software. This way you avoid having a lot of different analog and traditional surveillance equipment. The cost if such systems is also very low.